Our Story

Before, we were named Ichiba Sushi at 204 Le Lai street in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City and now we became Ichihana Sushi.  We just moved into a larger and more luxurious location at 69A Cao Thang street, district 3.  It has 3 floors of dining plus 3 private rooms.  

Mr. Van settled in the US in 1989 to reunite with his family from 17 years old.  In the United States, Mr. Van goes to school and works at a Japanese restaurant named Tachi Sushi Bar near San Francisco in northern California.  Starting work as a dishwasher, he never stopped learning for advancement opportunities.  During 10 years of hard work and diligence, Mr. Van becomes the main restaurant chef of a large restaurant.  Not stopping at that success with his heart always passionate about the colorful art and unique taste of sashimi & sushi, Mr. Van went to Japan to learn more.  Going through many challenges, Mr. Van has absorbed the essence of traditional sushi combined with his new creations.  Chef Van has created modern sushi, with the "Fresh - Live - Quality" criterion imported daily.  With passion and love of work, he always brings satisfaction to his customers.  Chef Van is the former owner of Ichiba Sushi at 204 Le Lai, District 1.  In 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ichiba Sushi closed.  Chef Van opens a new restaurant called Ichihana Sushi Vietnam, bringing modern Japanese cuisine to the highest level.


Our Mission

Ichihana Sushi specializes in restaurant dine in, take out & delivery, and catering service.  We are committed to providing our customers with the finest level of hospitality.  From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by our staff and treated warmly, promptly, and graciously throughout your meal.  Ichihana Sushi commits to choosing and using clean, quality ingredients and fresh seafood to combine and create the restaurant's unique dishes, but maintain an affordable price for our customers.  We also combine the fusion of traditional with modern Japanese cuisine to keep our menu fresh and unique.  By sticking with our slogan "Fine and Fresh", we make sure that you leave our restaurant satisfied and with a smile.  We strive to constantly train our staff to ensure customer satisfaction, and this promotes teamwork and a sense of pride and cohesion when working for Ichihana Sushi Vietnam.  When customers come to Ichihana Sushi, it brings great happiness to us to be able to provide delicious food and a fantastic dining experience.  Come and enjoy good vibes, good music, good drinks, and delicious food!  For reservations, call 0888741007. 

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